No Code Tools that you need to know (2022)

Hey there, developers and non-developers. 

In this blog post, you will find out about the best no-code tools on the current market.

We gathered various no-code tools in several areas going from customer service, voice assistance, and marketing to website/web app creation, project management, or analytics.

Yes, the complete package!

This will give you a good idea of what you are able to do today even though you have no coding experience!

 Let’s go and save some time (and money) together!

Code2, build web app easily!

Have you ever dreamed of building your app but didn’t know how to code it?

If yes, you will love Code2!

Code2 will enable you to build your app without any code. 

The drag-and-drop interface allows you to create scalable web apps with pixel-perfect designs and powerful workflows. 

Code2 takes care of the setup, hosting, launching and scaling of your app!

Their website is full of amazing resources:

  • You can join their discord community
  • Receive their weekly newsletter
  • Read their blog with a lot of articles about no code
  • They have amazing templates you can start with

On top of that, their help center is amazing. 

I mean, really amazing! Everything is so clear when you read through it.

If you are impressed so far, stay focused, because there is more to come!

You can build your app and share it with your friends for free! Yes, 0$!

no code toolsno code tools

Bubble, reimagine your home page!

Here is another strong one in the market!

Bubble gives you the opportunity to prototype a whole app, build and launch in hours, and scale your growth efficiently. It is functional and easy to use at the same time.

However, what really made me fall in love with the product was the feature on the home page that lets you edit the home page!  (you might have to read this sentence again)

Bubble enables you to develop, design, host and grow your website or app.

You can also collaborate on them!

Every strong Bubbler has been through their academy, so if you want to build a top app, you should go check it out!

You can also use templates, plugins or even an agency for your Bubble website! Only that!

Their showcase page will give you a good idea of what the work of Bubble combined with an innovative brain can achieve!

So what are you waiting for to become a Bubbler?

I want to see you grind that home page feature!

no code toolsno code tools

Webflow, the modern way!

Webflow is a website-building platform that lets you design and launch responsive websites. 

With Webflow building a website feels as easy as dragging and clicking and as in control as coding.

Webflow enables you to:

  • Build your website: the design is great, you can build amazing interaction, and The CMS works well for editors, designers and developers. 
  • Launch your website: you can host your site with fast and scalable technology.
  • Grow your website: you can edit the content easily with the Webflow editor while having high control over SEO.

Furthermore, it is very customizable. You can choose to start from scratch and build a fully responsive website just the way you like, or you can use ready made templates.

You want to be a Webflow expert?

For that, you need to graduate from Webflow University! 

They have amazing resources there! 

The shortcut? You can hire a Webflow expert to save precious time!

Well, enough explanation just go and try it yourself! It’s free!

no code toolsno code tools

Carrd, the perfect tool for an one page site!

Do you like simplicity?

If yes, Carrd might be the tool you have been dreaming of!

Carrd is a bit different from the previous tools!

It is a perfect no-code tool for building simpler websites!

Yet, don’t let that mislead you, Carrd is just as powerful as the other tools, but with a different aim.

Carrd is designed to build one-page websites that you can customize using templates or from scratch. 

You will be able to have custom domains, embed your own code, have a Google Analytics tracking ID and more with the pro version!

Thanks to its simplicity and price, Carrd finds a spot on this list.

It will let you have 3 websites and use all the core features for free and if you want to go pro, it’ll cost you only $19 a year. Yes, a year!

If you’re thinking of building a one-page website this is definitely one to consider!

no code toolsno code tools

Thunkable, no need to be an amazing designer!

Thunkable is a no-code tool for developing web applications

With powerful features and its easy-to-use interface, this one’s just right for a quick mock-up and will automatically get your app working on both IOS and Android.

What I personally like besides the ease of drag-and-drop and easy animations is the option to either start from scratch or remix any existing, sample projects!

Thunkable got your back even if you are not a designer! That’s their spirit!!

Their tool is simple to use and on top of that they have great documentation on their website to help you understand the tool quickly

Also, their tool can suit an agency as well as a startup or an education app.

Their team is composed of experienced and beginner developers to provide you with a solution that fits all levels.

Read their blog, join their community, check their tutorial and get started!

no code toolsno code tools

Memberstack, simplifies what’s complicated!

Here is another tool that will make you save time!

What do they do? Making what is difficult simple!

Getting a login/sign-in function or even a payment section isn’t really the easiest part of coding and thanks to Memberstacks you can:

  • Secure and encrypt your database
  • Be compliant with GDPR and SCA
  • Use plug-and-play models or connect your own front end
  • Create custom sign-up forms
  • Connect with thousands of applications
  • Translate interface easily

As you can see, Memberstack has a lot to offer.

That’s why I recommend you use a no-code tool like Memberstack.

You might like the tool but don’t have the time to jump into it? 

No problem, you can hire a Memberstack expert!

The tool is useful for marketers, developers and designers. Go and check their use cases!

no code toolsno code tools

UserGuiding, guides your users!

You can guide every single one of your clients individually.

But (because there is always a but) it takes time.

Let UserGuiding guide your clients and collaborators!

UserGuiding is a tool that enables you to create the best onboarding for your clients and collaborators, increase your product adoption rate or increase your ROI.

There are more use cases of course so go and check them out!

In terms of features they are doing pretty good also:

  • No code 
  • Leverage data of the onboarding process
  • Provide a personalized onboarding experience
  • Start Net Promoter Survey (NPS)
  • Create onboarding checklist 
  • Goal tracking system

I won’t spoil every feature! Look up their website!

Do you want to learn more?

Read their blog!

no code toolsno code tools

Otter, your personal secretary!

Imagine this:

Me: Hey bro, do you have the notes from the history lesson from yesterday? 

Bro: No! 

Me: Oh me neither!

We all have been in that situation! You are lying if you said you weren’t!

Well, Otter solves that problem! How?

Otter takes note of every conversation you want in any meeting you want for you.

With Otter, you can search, play, edit, organise and share conversations on all of your devices in real-time!

This enables you to have your full attention on the conversation rather than focusing on taking notes and remembering things.

Otter AI is not only a transcriber but is also a management tool at the same time.

It can suit businesses, universities and individuals

So what are you waiting for to get started?

no code toolsno code tools

Airtable, the miracle spreadsheet you need!

Here is one of the most famous tools on the list and according to me, it deserves to be!

Over 200,000 companies use Airtable! (only that)

Airtable can change your business in terms of project management.

It’s a combination between a database and a spreadsheet, so it has all the features of a database but with the familiarity of a spreadsheet.

On these spreadsheets, you can collaborate, integrate hundreds of apps, change views and customize the spreadsheet according to the content you want inside!

You might think: “excel should be sweating right now.”

Actually, they are!

Because on top of that Airtable has lots of pre-made templates that you can use.

Read their blog if you want to learn more about Airtable and master it!

If you love organizing, you will definitely love this tool! It really helps you save time!

My advice? You should start using it now!

no code toolsno code tools

Coda, bring your data together!

If you hate jumping between tabs as much as I do, then you’ll love Coda.

Coda has one purpose: bringing all the data and people back into the same space. And they do it pretty well!

With Coda’s all-in-one doc your team can vote on ideas, create roadmaps, draft projects, and even play games. 

Coda brings all of your words and data into one flexible surface.

Several big companies work with Coda including Spotify, the New York Times, Doordash, and Uber.

On top of that everything is customizable and you can use pre-made templates to start!

Coda made their tool really easy to learn. You can learn by: 

  • Watching tutorials
  • Solving exercises
  • Solving puzzles
  • Reading their articles
  • Join their community
no code toolsno code tools

Click Up, the organization master!

We always complain that we never have time for anything.

Well, click up solves that problem!

After using the tool for 5 days, I fell in love with it!

You will find the design is super friendly! The organisation becomes a game rather than a constraint!

The tool is very well organised. (which is pretty useful for an organisation tool)

I think one of the best things about Click Up is that it can really suit everyone; all the views combine perfectly and you will find the ones that suit you!

You can customize each task with notes, subtasks and checklists.

Assign each task and subtask to a member of your team and they would receive a notification. You can also assign a date to the task and priorities

It really facilitates collaboration inside your team as you can see what each member of your team has to do and how it impacts your own tasks.

Well, the few lines you just read might save you a couple of organisation headaches in the next few years!

no code toolsno code tools

Zapier, seamless automation made easy!

I’ll give up a little secret about my working routine for you here.

I am not reactive on emails but more on Slack so, when I receive an invoice for my business by email, I would love to receive a notification on Slack as well.

If I told this to my developer, he would answer me “That’s easy to set up: just write a small script that listens to your emails and sends a message on slack using their API, then host the script on AWS or something and you’re done”.

If you’re like me, you wouldn’t have understood a word of all those technical jargon! 

This sounds so simple: when I get an email, check if it’s about an invoice and, if so, slack me. Why does it have to be so complicated to pull off?

Well actually, it’s not! 

Zapier gives you the power to build dimple automation by simply describing them as I did above.

Connect blocks together to create your dream pipeline.

Zapier already integrates with 3000+ famous apps and they keep adding new ones every day!

Go ahead with the rest of this blog post, I’m heading off to create this Gmail bot!

no code toolsno code tools, manage your very own army of bots!

Automate is very similar to Zapier: automate your processes.

In Automate, you can create bots that do the nasty job for you: become the boss of your very own bots mafia!

Automate integrates many different well-known web apps from emails to business tools passing by productivity apps and much more.

As of the day, I’m writing this, more than 40,000 companies have created 100,000 bots, saving more than 430,000 hours of work!

Envision yourself at the head of an army of bots all working together for you, earning you precious time and money. That’s amazing, isn’t it?

no code toolsno code tools

Integromat, Integrate apps with ease and style!

In terms of no-code integration services, jump into the world of Integromat

Integromat makes you a very simple promise: tell them what to do and they will do the work for you.

They know what they’re doing. In fact, they already automate workflows for many great companies like Cisco, Adidas, Uber, Airbnb, Zalando, Spotify and many more!

Integromat interfaces with hundreds of web apps to put in your workflows and the list keeps growing every day!

I personally love the design of Integromat: for some reason, I’m fascinated by those little app bubbles exchanging data and doing stuff for me. It feels like sitting on the beach while someone works for you.

Try Integromat now and taste this feeling yourself!

no code toolsno code tools, your next obvious choice!

Have you heard about the AI revolution?

You want to ride the machine learning wave and get a ticket on the AI rocket to the moon, but you know that building AI models is complex and requires skilled developers …

Well, while this may have been true at some point, companies like Obviously AI let you do machine learning on your very own dataset without writing a single line of code.

Obviously, AI puts the world’s most cutting-edge algorithms in your hands, without compromising on performance.

You can predict anything without writing code, what a time to be alive!

Now, don’t get me wrong: you would still need actual machine learning engineers to build the best models for a very specific use case, and get the best AI possible.

However, Obviously, AI gives you the power to design an already great model in just a few clicks. I find it amazing!

Forecast revenue, optimize the supply chain, and personalize marketing. This tool is now your crystal ball to see the future!

no code toolsno code tools

Mixpanel, convert, engage and retain more!

Mixpanel is an analytic tool that will help you to better understand your user’s thanks to data analysis.

Thanks to Mixpanel you will be able to see where and why your users drop off which will help you convert, engage and retain more users!

Their tool gives you an in-depth analysis of:

  • Conversion: by analysing conversion trends, the behaviour of users at each step and what makes them drop off
  • Engagement: you can measure active usage and get your users on the right path with a deep understanding of their behaviour on your website
  • Retention: you will get an understanding of how users retain, who retains and which journeys leads to customer loyalty

They have several amazing tools for analytics and data management.

Big companies such as Uber, DocuSign or GoDaddy use their tool!

Will you be the next one?

no code toolsno code tools

Google Analytics, a smart tool for smarter decisions!

Here is maybe the most famous one on the list. Everyone knows google analytics!

But have you ever used it?

Whether the answer is yes or no, I will still write about it because it deserves its place on the list!

Google Analytics is a small business’ best friend because it has very advanced features for free.

And who is better than Google to bring your data together?

They give your insights on session duration, page per session, number of new individuals on your site, recurring ones, where they come from etc.

The dashboard is very clear and all the information is easy to find.

But it’s not only small businesses who enjoy cool features like reporting, data analysis, and visualization, as the Google Analytics 360 opens up even more advanced features. 

Also, it integrates with all your other Google apps! 

All the things you get access to for free are amazing and I really advise you to google analytics to better understand your customer for FREE!

no code toolsno code tools

Zendesk, the customer experience specialist!

Zendesk is a customer service tool that brings together the most-in-demand features out there. 

From ticketing options and live chat to a knowledge base, Zendesk is a multi-feature swiss knife of a tool. 

All that and no code!

Moreover, Zendesk has a sales solution you can use in harmony with the service solution so that you and other teams’ work is lined up perfectly.

Countless integration options can be added to Zendesk 

They have interesting resources on their website including a blog and training courses. You can also join their community! 

They worked with many big companies including Uber, Tesco and Siemens.

Sign in on their website to watch their demos

Customer service is really important for your business and if you are thinking of getting a tool for that, Zendesk is definitely one that you should consider.

no code toolsno code tools

Intercom, the lending hand for your customers!

Intercom is another well-rounded customer tool (Amazon, IBM, Microsoft and Facebook work with Intercom).

They can help you with conversational support, conversational engagement or conversational marketing.

The intercom app combines:

  • Business messaging for your business
  • Management tools to improve the efficiency of your company
  • A customer data platform

On top of that, you can integrate over 300 applications into Intercom 

So what more do you need? Time?

Speaking about time, the CEO of Survicate claimed that Intercom makes his teams save 20% of their time.

Intercom is the tool to build strong relationships with your customers!

no code toolsno code tools

Helpjuice, the one with the knowledge of juice!

With a comprehensive knowledge base tool like Helpjuice, you might as well cut your customer support efforts in half!

Of course, that is not to say fire your customer support team!

Just empower them with a tool like Helpjuice!

Helpjuice has been rated the best knowledge base software since 2011

With features such as authoring and content formatting, analytics, customization, and many integration options, Helpjuice improves your customer support and collaboration within your team.

They have lots of great examples on their website as well as case studies and a blog!

On top of that their tool is optimized for SEO, multilingual and most importantly extremely easy to use.

So what are you waiting for to improve your customer support?

no code toolsno code tools

Bravo studio, the studio to build your app faster!

Are you a designer? Have you ever dreamt of bringing your app design to life?

You know what I mean: you get this amazing app idea, make a fantastic design for it; you’re very excited at the idea of seeing it live on the app stores.

Proud of yourself and full of enthusiasm, you go to a developer and it’s a disaster; they either tell you that something in your design will be hard/impossible to integrate or they will charge you an insane amount of money to do it.

Meet Bravo, the tool for designers to turn mockups into functional real-world applications.

Bravo allows you to turn Figma and Adobe XD designs into real functioning apps connected to other services by API.

You don’t get a chicken to have eggs every morning for breakfast and the app should be the same!

if this sentence does not make sense to you, go check the video on their homepage, it’s one of the best clips I’ve ever seen!

no code toolsno code tools

Notion, your best friend at work!

Ok, I’m going to talk about a really deep problem here.

We all know it affects us, we all know that we should do something about it, we all know that we would be better persons if we did, yet we don’t.

Yes, I’m talking about being disorganised.

You may have tried many organisation and productivity tools, but they either don’t do everything you want, or they look ugly and don”t motivate you to use them.

This is where Notion pushed up the level of the productivity app game.

Notion is basically a no-code tool to build your very own productivity app. It handles everything from note-taking, to-do lists, deadline management, and much more!

The real power of notion comes from its vision of data tables and pages, which connects everything together and allows you to connect ideas smoothly.

What’s more? Notion is very beautiful and, in my opinion, this is a huge selling point for a tool you will use daily.

Notion supports collaboration and is used by teams in top companies such as Figma, Headspace or Adobe.

no code toolsno code tools

Hubspot, the powerful all-in-one tool!

Here is also one of the most famous tools on the list!

Hubspot is an all-in-one tool including:

  • A marketing automation software that helps you attract more, convert more and run a complete inbound marketing campaign.
  • A sales CRM software that helps sales teams close more deals, deepen relationships and manage their pipeline more effectively.
  • A customer service software  for onboarding customers, providing flexible customer support and enhancing relationships with customers
  • A CMS software that suits developers’ and marketers’ need while providing an easy customer experience
  • An operations software that synchronizes, cleans, and curates customer data, and automates business processes.

This all-in-one tool will not only simplify organisation and communication within your business but will help you increase sales and customer satisfaction!

Also, you can integrate your favourite apps into Hubspot.

They also have loads of resources on their website for you so go and check them out!

no code toolsno code tools

Mailchimp, a marketer’s secret sauce!

Mailchimp is a marketing tool that helps you develop your business.

You might wonder how?

First, they help you take your business to the internet by helping you create the website with marketing tools included.

Then they help you to promote it with email marketing, landing pages, digital marketing and social network.

Their platform will help you:

  • Manage your audience
  • Manage your content
  • With marketing automation
  • Analyse your data

Check out their marketing tips, case studies and tutorials!

You can also listen to their podcast or watch their films and series!

I think this is pretty original!

no code toolsno code tools

Drift, accelerate your revenues!

Drift helps you accelerate revenues for your business.

You might wonder how?

Well their revenue accelerator platform helps you connect your company with your customers through several means including:

  • Chat
  • Voice 
  • Email
  • Video

It was founded in 2015 and they already have over 50,000 customers (only that)!

Drift accelerates your revenues by:

  • Improving conversational marketing increase your ROI, driving more marketing pipeline, which results in delivering a better customer experience
  • Improving conversational sales by generating more pipeline, improving sales productivity and engaging target accounts.

The platform will provide you with AI custom chatbots, new user intelligence, target account engagement, real-time personalization, analytics and insights, and expert service.

no code toolsno code tools

Glide, quick and efficient!

Glide is a web app creation tool that helps you make a mobile application in less than 5 minutes. 

How? Well it’s built primarily using google sheets

No experience in coding is needed.

So if your business or if you know of a business needing an app, then you can build one really quickly using Glide. 

On their website, you can find templates for all kinds of sectors such as education, health, sales or finance

The best way to learn more about how Glide works is to just join their community, and read their blog articles and video guides!

The design is amiable and easy to build your app quickly. 

So just try it out!

no code toolsno code tools

Adalo, bring your ideas to reality!

Adalo comes from Ada Lovelace who is considered the first computer programmer.

This is a drag-and-drop web app creation tool where you can also set up dynamic actions and connect your databases.

You can build all kinds of apps including content apps, appointment apps, marketplace apps or social media apps.

Check out their templates to get some inspiration!

Not willing to get into the tool?

You can hire an Adalo expert who can:

  • Help you design and build the app
  • Help you with UX and UI
  • Provide you with 1 on 1 coaching sessions

Well, Adalo is a very good tool to quickly bring your idea to life!

no code toolsno code tools

Bug reporting, get efficient feedback!

Bug reporting is a tool that enables you to get fast feedback from your clients

The tool helps in improving communication between you and your client to solve bugs and problems faster and in a more efficient way.

It enables you to use your voice and video to report problems, then your team can work asynchronously with your clients without live meetings.

All your information is stored in one place so you won’t lose them and you can integrate your apps to Bug Reporting!

One really interesting thing that Bug reporting did is that they compared themselves to other competitors and explained the difference between their tool and the tool from their competitors!

They also talk about management tool alternatives such as Click Up and explain their pros and cons!

Well, their tool is not only super-efficient but the information on their website is super valuable so go ahead and check it out!

no code toolsno code tools

Umso, go live fast!

Umso is quite different from other website creation tools!

They think that there is no need for templates because each website is individual.

You just choose a few starting functions and they create the base of your website.

No drag and drop, a separate menu panel is present where you can manage your website from!

They have plenty of amazing functions for you including a section divider, real-time preview, hidden content, icon decorators or an art library

Then publish your website in 3 seconds and tada, you’re done!

Pretty amazing right?

They have really cool features that enable you to add analytics, forms, cookie solutions, blogs and several languages to your website.

Do you want to see what people have done with Umso?

Look up their showcase!

no code toolsno code tools

Squarespace, the square root for your website!

Willing to build your own website easily? You can’t go wrong with Squarespace, one of the leaders in the industry.

Squarespace is a no-code website creation tool for multiple purposes. 

Plenty of different types of websites can be made with Squarespace such as: 

  • Online store
  • Local business
  • Portfolio
  • Blog
  • Restaurant
  • Services
  • Personal/CV
  • And much more!

Squarespace lets you start your creation with award-winning templates and, from there, your imagination is really the limit!

More than just another website creation tool, Squarespace masters all the bricks of business creation and management: domain name management, website analytics, payments, member areas, email & social media marketing, SEO tools and even a video editor (yup, I wasn’t expecting this one either).

Already have a website? Easily migrate it to Squarespace.

Don’t have time to create by yourself? Hire a Squarespace expert.

Want to see more? Check their gallery!

no code toolsno code tools

Universe, the universal app for creating websites!

I love my phone, do you love yours too?

The universe gives your phone the superpower to design professional-looking websites.

Come on, we live in a world where you can create professional-looking websites from the comfort of your smartphone, isn’t that amazing?

Designed for iPhone, Ipad and Mac users, Universe embeds functionalities like payments (card & Apple Pay, domain name management, 

Creating a website has NEVER been easier than today: whether you have your own needs or want to offer your services as a website creator, you can now do it from your phone with Universe!

If you’re still not convinced, a rapid glance at their IMMENSE gallery on their website will finish the job.

no code toolsno code tools

Gumroad, the Silk Road to sell products!

Are you a creator? Have you crafted digital products and want to sell them online?

Most website creation tools look hard, even the famous no-code ones. Plus, how would you connect them with your digital product? 

In fact, you don’t need much: just a profile, payment and download/access page.

Gumroad is made for you!

Gumroad is the simplest platform for creators to sell digital products.

Since 2011, creators on Gumroad have generated more than 0.5 billion dollars!

Gumroad’s simplicity is what makes it beautiful: I created an account in literally 10 seconds and had a sales page ready in less than a minute, faster than lightning!

If you feel intimidated by other more famous website creators or even if you’re not very much into IT, Gumroad is the tool for you!

no code toolsno code tools

Substack, your writing stacked together!

My dear writers, this one is for you.

Are you familiar with the streaming platform Twitch?

Well, Substack is for writers and readers just like how Twitch is for streamers and viewers.

Share your pieces of writing on their website and get people from all around the world to read it.

Readers who enjoy your content can subscribe to you for a few dollars a month to support your work.

There are many types of content on Substack from news articles to entire books.

It is time to believe in your writing skills and share your productions with the world!

Who knows, you may well be the next JK Rowling or Hunter S. Thompson.

no code toolsno code tools

Memberspace, the perfect space for your customers!

Everything is in the name here: Memberspace creates Member Spaces on your website.

This is the perfect solution if you want part of your content to be accessible by becoming a paid member of your site.

This can range anywhere from video and written sources, private forums, resource libraries or whatever you need.

Memberspace integrates very smoothly with all common website builders; Skillshare, WordPress, Webflow, Wix, Notion … and even websites coded from scratch!

Memberspace integrates many customisable features to suit your membership needs:

  • Tiered access
  • Upgrades and downgrades
  • Customisable signup fields 
  • Automated upsells and cancellation alternatives
  • Abandoned signups
  • Style customisation
  • Mobile responsive
  • And more! 

If you already have a website and want to add a membership scheme, then Memberspace is the way to go to start building your tribe.

no code toolsno code tools

Buy me a coffee, where the world is your barista!

Buy me coffee was born from a very simple idea: let’s give people a way to get a coffee for their favourite creators, no matter where in the world they are.

If you’re creating content online, then your biggest fans can support your work by getting your membership on this website. 

Keeping creators at the centre of its design, BMAC recently created Extras: the creative way to sell.

Whether it’s a 1-1 Zoom call, art commissions, or an ebook, Extras are for you!

What I particularly love about this company is how transparent they are about your supporters: they will not email them and you can export your mailing list at any time.

In a nutshell, Buy me coffee is a platform designed for creators to get support from their community.

no code toolsno code tools

Parabola, automate your next move!

Your online business is taking off a bit, as it grows, there are more and more things to keep in mind.

There are reports to run, inventory to manage, ad spends to adjust, loyalty programs to analyze, special requests to accommodate, and so much more.

Don’t let these tasks overwhelm you and automate all of this with Parabola!

Designed for businesses, Parabola makes it easy to automate tasks on big data spreadsheets.

Parabola has native integration with the most used eCommerce tools:

  • Shopify
  • Shipstation
  • Google analytics
  • Facebook ads
  • Hubspot
  • Google sheets
  • Mailchimp

Automate the boring stuff with Parabola and spend your time on what really matters for your business.

no code toolsno code tools

Wix, create websites with a sweet mix of templates!

If you’ve spent more than an hour on social media, you must have heard about

Wix stands high on the list of no-code website builders for small websites.

They offer more than free 800 templates to start your site from and a drag-and-drop editor to customize your design.

In the extremely unlikely case where none of the templates suits you, just open a blank canvas and start from there!

The app gallery in Wix makes it very easy to extend your website with more functionalities such as photo galleries, booking forms, member areas and more.

Wix also has its own hosting system where they either offer you a free Wix-branded domain name or you can buy your own.

This website building tool has a few drawbacks that make building very large websites with it a bit inconvenient.

However, if you need a small one, then Wix is an excellent solution for you!

no code toolsno code tools

WordPress, the real OG’s in website creation!

If you’ve not heard of WordPress before, I would bet my house that you already visited a website that was built with it.

WordPress is to no-code website builders what Master Yoda and Qui-Gon Jinn are to Jedi. It has been around for many many years and survived the test of time.

WordPress is so versatile you can create any type of website you can think of using its drag-and-drop editor.

Do you still feel limited? Wait no more and leverage the power of the 50,000+ WordPress plugins to integrate the functionality you are looking for.

Btw, our website looks cool, doesn’t it?

Nah, I’m not showing off just for the sake of it, but just know that this beautiful blog was built with WordPress!!

WordPress integrates many essential website management functionalities:

  • Domain name management
  • Payment integration
  • Earn ad revenue
  • Google analytics
  • Advanced SEO tools
  • Automatic site backups
  • And much much more with its literally thousands of plugins!

You really can’t go wrong with this tool. Try it out for free and you’ll see what I mean.

no code toolsno code tools

Dataiku, the AI application wizard!

Are you generating a lot of data ? If you don’t think so, then look closer: everything produces data today and so does your business.

Have you found some? Great!

Data is key to creating AI algorithms that will take your activity to the next level but, at this point, you may think that this requires a shit ton of expensive ML engineers or Google scientists.

Well, that’s not so true any more thanks to Dataiku.

Dataiku is a no-code “central solution for the design, deployment, and management of AI applications”.

Using this tool, you can master every step toward real-world AI application:

  • Data preprocessing and visualisation
  • Machine learning models design, training, testing and validation
  • Data ops & MLops
  • Analytic apps

Data-driven decision-making can take your business to the next level and Dataiku makes this accessible to everyone.

There would be so many things to say about this solution to fit into this blog post. Go check out their website to see what amazing things Dataiku makes available to you.

no code toolsno code tools, map out the globe!

Ok, this one’s for you guys working with data or willing to get your hands dirty with geographical data visualisation.

If you’ve worked with this type of data before, you know how tedious visualising it can be. You spend a lot of time writing your code, you see a result, you adjust your code and so on …

In the end, you spent most of your time googling syntax and adjusting your code rather than focusing on the essential: getting a message out of your data.

Originally built by the data visualisation team at Uber, is an online geolocation data visualisation tool that produces fantastic interactive maps.

Honestly, I was just like a kid at Christmas the first time I used this tool: it makes everything so easy and looks so good! I think I’m in love. 

All the usual data manipulation and visualisation settings happen in a graphical menu: select which features to visualise, how to visualise them (points, arcs, heatmaps,), a colour scheme, filter your data and much more! takes as inputs CSV, JSON and GeoJSON files, and displays the data on an interactive map which you can export in many high-quality image formats.

no code toolsno code tools

Shopify, your next e-commerce manager!

The e-commerce revolution is now happening. A few years back, I was a broke student living in halls and dreaming of a different life, but I discovered Shopify dropshipping and I’m now a millionaire living the dream!

Today is your opportunity because my team and I have put together an exclusive course to …

I’m sure you’ve already seen such an ad on the internet, you know how the rest goes.

All those people talk about Shopify because it easily ranks among the top e-commerce website builders.

More than that, Shopify is actually an e-commerce brand management tool.

Indeed, more than creating a website on the platform, you can:

  • Fulfil orders
  • Manage refunds
  • Get advanced analytics on a user-friendly dashboard
  • Follow product shipping
  • And much more!

While often associated with dropshipping, you can build any type of e-commerce website on Shopify.

Your grandma is making great honey ? Build her a store, advertise it and she might well become the queen of bees!

no code toolsno code tools, educate the world seamlessly!

Do you have a special skill you like to teach to people?

Then, make it an online course: record a few teaching videos and start growing your business on is an online business management tool built from the following principle: having all you need in the same place.

You only need 6 tools to build and grow an online business:

  • A website builder
  • An online course infrastructure
  • Sales management
  • Email marketing
  • Affiliate program manager
  • Marketing automation

Guess what, has all of those in their no-code user-friendly web solution.

So here’s the great news for you: you don’t need technical knowledge to build and grow a business online.

So go record those videos, edit them a bit, target your audience and fly away, success is yours!

no code toolsno code tools

Google sites, your site, now powered by Google!

Let me tell you a story; the other day, I was working on a Google Doc document that was looking nice and I thought “Why is there no way to build a simple website just like this ?”.

Well, there is !!

Introducing Google Sites or how to build simple yet effective websites in the easiest way possible.

Select a page style, write up and add content just as easily as on google Docs or word, and publish it to the web!

The website will look nice on both desktop and mobile without you having to think about it, how nice is that?

This tool is by far one of the easiest website builders I’ve ever come across and this comes with a few drawbacks.

While it is great to build small project websites, it is definitely not adapted for more complex projects such as a fully-fledged e-commerce website.

no code toolsno code tools

Appy pie, your next favourite pie!

In this blog post, I’ve covered many different types of no-code tools, from website and app builders to task automation and chatbot designers.

Appy pie dominates the market by proposing no-code tools for nearly everything you can think about:

  • Websites
  • Native, cross-platform and hybrid mobile apps
  • Progressive web apps (PWAs)
  • Task automation
  • Chatbots

Appy pie also comes with domain registration and advanced design functionalities, they’ve really got it all!

Initially developed as a no-code mobile app builder, Appy pie has now grown and offers solutions to businesses of all scales and budgets.

Appy pie’s mission is to give everybody the capacity to create the digital tool they need, and they do it well.

Don’t let your fear of the technical aspects refrain you and turn your ideas right into products thanks to Appy pie’s set of no-code drag and drop tools.

no code toolsno code tools

Lumavate, bring your ideas to reality!

Lumavate is driven by the following statement: everyone in a company might have an app idea that helps their work, and technical aspects should not be a problem.

This tool built for business empowers anyone in any team to create apps straight from ideas.

Lumavate’s tool has already been used to create apps in many sectors, from Entertainment to events passing by restaurants and retail, not forgetting healthcare, nonprofits and more.

This tool reaches its full power thanks to the Lumavate Library, a set of ready-to-go app integrations. Thanks to this library, you will be able to include services from Youtube, Uber, Google Maps, and much more into your app.

Lumavate proposes an enterprise-ready solution both in terms of real-time scaling and security and privacy.

Wanna see what can be built with Lumavate? Go check the gallery on their website and be inspired by the fantastic projects there!

no code toolsno code tools

Betty Block, a complex website doesn’t need complex coding!

Betty Block enables you to create complex applications without coding!

The app works with a drag and drop and drop system that you can combine with some JS framework to have even more freedom and flexibility.

On top of that, you can use templates that people have already made to help you develop.

This will make you save hours! Or even days!

Their website will explain to you really well the benefits of no code. 

It’s really worth a look!

Also they have several video demos of their platform on the website so you can really get a good idea of the tool before making your purchase!

Honestly, their website is full of very valuable information for you to start your no-code app!

You can also read their blog and have a look at their academy.

After this Betty Block will have no secrets for you! 

no code toolsno code tools

IFTTT, automate with little to no cost!


Oh sorry: “Have You Realised How If This Then That Can Help You Automate Tasks ?”

I got too carried away by this company’s style.

IFTTT or “If This Then That” is a historical automation tool, it has her, around for years and many developers started learning with it back in the days.

Everything is in the name here: IFTTT is a no-code automation tool that, when something happens (If This) triggers something else (Then That)

The no-code drag and drop interface of IFTTT makes it super easy to automate any tasks.

Imagine having your Instagram picture changing with the time of the day: in the morning you observe the sunrise and in the evening you’re in front of a sunset on a wonderful beach.

This sounds amazing yet hard to do, and IFTTT Mayes this more than easy.

Create your automation in just a few minutes, upload your pictures for each time of the day and voilà, you’ve now got an amazing Instagram profile all your friends will envy!

no code toolsno code tools

Vocads, the tool that can understand you!

We all know that we communicate more with our voice: we talk with our family, friends, teachers, colleagues, and so on, you got my point.

Vocads give you the power to teach any website to have real conversations with humans.

Thanks to Vocads, applications can now understand natural language and speak back to their interactors.

Vocads masters all the links of the chain of speech:

  • Design voice conversations on a no-code drag-and-drop editor
  • Deploy it on any website in just a few clicks
  • Analyse the conversations that users have with you on a nice user-friendly dashboard

On Vocads, conversations are represented as trees making them very easy to think about and build.

For the most tech-savvy of you, Vocads have its own proprietary text analysis AI, fully GDPR compliant and independent from FANG.

Vocads’ conversational AI can be deployed on any type of application (website, mobile app or even car OSs) in just a few steps.

The voice market is taking off and Vocads is now one of the 40 most promising startups in France.

Still not convinced? Go ahead to their website and have a vocal chat with them in their great demo!

no code toolsno code tools

Landbot, building conversations rather than speech flows!

Landbot is a tool that would help you build chatbot flows for your business! 

With Landbot, you can create not only chatbot automation but also WhatsApp automation too! Useful if your business uses WhatsApp for customer communication! 

With their chatbot platform, you can create your campaign and analyze how they are performing with live data of your campaign.

They have an easy solution for you to integrate their chatbots into any applications or tools like Zapier, WordPress, Slack, AirTable, and more! 

With Landbot, users can create a different chatbot and conversational flow that is accessible through different channels and tools for users and businesses! 

MakerPad, something special for you!

Makerpad is something different and we would like to talk about this. 

The people at Zapier helped form Makerpad! Makerpad is an online hub for everything no-code! 

Here, you can find no-code solutions for multiple different activities on the internet, for example, they help provide information about how you can create a mobile app with no code required at all! 

Rather than just trying to provide information related to no-code tools, they focus on creating a community of no-code entrepreneurs and workers! Through Makerpad, we can read their story and get inspired to make different things! 

If you’d like to read one of their success stories; click here

Stacker, stack and keep your coding books away!

With Stacker, you can keep your coding books away as you can create any apps or anything with no code required! 

Stacker helps bring data from multiple sources and puts it all together in one place for you to create apps that can help your business grow. 

Their platform is accessible to companies of all sizes from small to big enterprises.

They have worked with big organizations like Samsung, Mozilla, Adobe, and more! 

Drona HQ, build apps like a pro!

Want to optimize the internal operations of your company like a pro? Drona HQ is here for you! 

Drona HQ helps you build apps and various other tools to improve how your organizations work! 

Build internal apps and tools with their beautiful drag-and-drop features and connect to various platforms like Salesforce, Stripe, Shopify, and more for data purposes! 

DronaHQ can help simplify processes in your organization and help optimize your business ready for the future. 

no code toolsno code tools

Unstack, a new way to present!

With Unstack, present your products more interestingly! 

Unstack helps you build new and refreshing landing pages to present your products and services to customers! 

Their no-code system and their versatile tools help you to build and develop landing pages quickly! The best part is that it’s easy to set up as all of the setups are done for you the moment you create an account! 

To understand how Unstack works here’s a video explaining how they work!

Unicorn Platform, improve your sales with flying colours!

Unicorn Platform gives you the best way to present your products to your customers. 

Create landing pages with easy drag and drop tools that help bring in sales and create a long-lasting impression amongst your customers! 

You can integrate your landing page with all of the popular tools for a business like Crisp, Intercom, Google Docs, and more! 

no code toolsno code tools

Super, your superhero in Notion

Notion users, this one is for you! 

Have you ever wondered if you could convert your whole Notion Section into a website? After all, you’ve spent so much time designing and arranging it, why not make it a website? 

That’s where Super comes in! With Super, you can create your Notion page site with custom domains, simple but effective design, and more! 

You can optimize your Notion page with access buttons, SEO, custom domains, and much more! 

no code toolsno code tools

Draftbit, leave nothing on drafts any more!

With Draftbit, let your app ideas come to life! 

Create mobile apps and deploy them in under 60 seconds with Draftbit! Their tool is easy to use as their no-code interface and templates can help you get started immediately! 

The best part is that the apps that you create, would be versatile, i.e, they would be ready to use on different mobile platforms like Android, iOS, and more! 

Let your ideas come to life with Draftbit!

no code toolsno code tools

Tally, tally up your answers in a swift manner!

Want to collect answers to your form more impressively? Use Tally! 

With Tally, you can build forms like a document. With tons of powerful features for free, you can build forms easily with no code required! 

In it, you can do just about anything and everything in terms of collecting information like adding payment portals, scheduling appointments, integrating with other powerful tools like Zapier, Notion, Google Docs, and more! 

no code toolsno code tools

Softr, A better way to present yourself!

With Softr, showcasing data and products has never been easier and better!

Softr helps in creating web portals where all your Airtable and Google Sheet data would be presented in a nice and clean matter, easy for the eyes and simple for the mind! 

All this is done via their no-code tool where you can not only create web portals but even full-fledged websites and even web apps! 

To provide ease for the user, there are tons of templates to choose from if you’d like to start simple! 

Here is a video on how Softr works!

Now we want your opinion!!

What are your thoughts about these tools?

Are you impressed? 

Or do you think no code is lagging behind? 

If so, will you be the one to create the next tool on that list and what will it be?

Either way, leave a comment to let us know! 

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