Voice Agencies that can help improve your business (the best 19)

Don’t let your business be at loss for words! For you, in this blog post, we gathered the best voice agencies on the current market.

Vocads gathered 19 voice agencies that can help you in various ways such as implementing a voice strategy, creating conversational design or implementing your brands on vocal assistance.

Yes I know it’s a nice gift and it’s free, so enjoy!

This will give you a good overview of what voice agencies can do today and which ones stand out in which voice domain.

So let’s go find your agent!

Speak ux

It’s always interesting to discuss to a voice agency that knows what they are talking about!

Speak ux provides you with conversational experts to work on your project!

They work in order to make the conversation as natural as possible for the user.

They provide lots of services including:

  • Strategy and project management: they help you leverage the right resources and find the right positioning for your project.
  • Audit, research and user test to make sure the interaction is as natural as possible. They improve the conversation based on what your users say
  • User experience: Development and run: they can build your product and ensure its maintenance.

Not bad right?

Their five pillars are pertinence, personalization, precision, proximity and performance!

What more would you want?

Speak UXSpeak UX

Rain AI

Here is a big fish in the market in terms of voice agency!

Raindrops works with the biggest companies in the world including Nike, Starbucks, Amazon or Google (I apologize if I forgot your favourite company but the list is too long).

Rain defines roadmaps for companies to help them design the best possible audio experience for their customers

They can help brands with voice commerce, voice ordering, voice kids experience, voice product integration.

Raindrops can help you at any stage of your voice strategy.

Who knows? Raindrops might bring sunny days to your company?

Rain AgencyRain Agency


Voice assistants are like robots, the better technology added, the more power it has to be helpful to you in every way possible. Of course it can’t help you to cook or anything! 

Coming back to the point, Taiwa is one of those technologies that help improve your voice assistants at your home! 

Taiwa designs and develops voice applications available on millions of connected devices with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Taiwa helps you to:

  • Create of the conversation tree
  • Write the dialog and scenario
  • Integrate visuals and medias
  • Develop the vocal application
  • Test and improve the vocal experience

Pretty helpful isn’t it?


Conversation curve

Conversation curve is a voice agency that can help you:

  • Design your conversational experience
  • Bring your vocal experience on Amazon Echo, Google Assistant and Samsung Bixby 
  • Implement a voice strategy

They determine which challenges you are facing to develop the right plan for your company

You might think “why should I use voice?”

Well, the answer is on their website!

They explain what voice can do nowadays and why we should all care about it in literally less than 10 lines.

Conversation CurveConversation Curve


They say if your life is led in a pragmatic way, it means that the world is your teacher and you’re meant to be an explorer! 

That’s what the guys at Pragmatic followed when they started their voice agency!

Pragmatic will help you:

  • Determine where voice will bring the most value in your business by looking at the customer journeys and use cases.
  • Design the right conversation by creating a scalable voice experience that can be easily changeable to evolve with your objectives.
  • Launch your experience in the best way to suit your needs and the needs of your customers.
  • Keep up with the fast evolving voice market by giving recommendations on how to continue.

Are you an early adopter yet?



You’re looking for the right person to expand your business? Techire will help you find it!

No, this is not an ad in the middle of my article!

If your objective is to build Voicebots, Speech Technologies, Natural Language Processing or Natural Language Understanding Engines. Techire has your back. 

Techire is an agency that could help you recruit your next Machine Learning Researcher, Conversational AI specialist or Head of Conversation Design.

You’re looking for one of the jobs listed above?

If the answer is yes, Techire is also the place for you!

On their job board you will find the best jobs in the area of your choice!

What’s better than someone linking ambitious companies with ambitious people?


Illuin technology

Illuin technology is an agency that can offer many solutions for your company:

They offer help in:

  • Artificial intelligence: They have a team of experts that can help you in many projects including chatbots, text mining, clustering, R&D and more.
  • Digital solution: in web, mobile, AR, VR, and voice they help you from the brainstorming to the creation of the product!

They also have a startup studio that can help entrepreneurs that are trying to build a project that requires complex AI. 

Well basically, anytime you are facing something too complicated you call them.

I wish they could help me manage my kids! Anyway, not the topic.

Illuin TechnologyIlluin Technology


Are you talkative? Would you like to earn money while speaking?

If so, Beyto can monetize your voice.

Beyto gives your vision a voice.

You might think: “what is the best way to start”?  Start with their voice exploration workshop!

After that it gets even more interesting, Beyto helps you with:

  • Audit
  • Voice Strategy
  • User interface design
  • Voice App programming
  • App optimization
  • Voice App Marketing
  • SEO

Yes, pretty amazing right?



MagicCo will bring magic to your company!

Ok, I agree that was a cheap joke. But anyway let’s move on!

MagicCo is a voice agency that wants to work long term with you!

They will help you: 

  • Bring your brand on Amazon Alexa and Google Home.
  • Create omni-channel campaign
  • Embed voice in your products alongside company’s engineering teams
  • Strategy and conversation design
  • Customer service AI

They work with big companies including Reebok and Illy

You want to have a conversation with your customers? 

Contact them!


Voice base

Need to analyze how well your voice strategy is working?

Voice base does it for you!

Voice base is a voice agency that provides custom voice analytics to your business!

Analyzing this data is key for your business as it could help you:

  • Increase sales by analyzing what is working well 
  • Improve customer experience by analyzing which conversations you could improve and how
  • minimize risks by detecting credits card numbers and other sensible information
Voice BaseVoice Base


First of all, if you know a website that’s better than Versa’s, hit me up!

This said, Versa is a voice agency that specializes in digital technology and conversational design.

They help you:

  • To create your strategy
  • Bring your conversational design on the web
  • Leverage the latest technology for customer service and products
  • Optimize the mobile experience
  • Collect meaningful data and analyze it for future decision

Go and check their website not just because the design and the content is amazing but also to discover their case studies!



Willing to integrate custom voice technologies to your business but think you lack the expertise ?

Speak2Web has the perfect deal for you.

Not only do they provide you with their own, extremely powerful voice technologies, but they also offer to accompany you in the whole development process.

Speak2Web’s cloud-based technology can be used in any software environment from simple websites to complex mobile apps.

Thinking that you’re too special for this? The company’s consultants will help you in every step of the integration process and will fit the product to your needs.

Speak2Web provides you with different services including voice strategy planning and custom voice tool development.

Looking for the perfect and easiest step into the voice world? Well, wait no more and let Speak2Web hold your hand on the way.



Is your business relying on call centres? You know that voice technologies could help, but you’re unsure about how.

Convoso takes you by the hand and shows you how to improve step by step.

Convoso introduces AI-based voice technologies in every aspect of your call centre to significantly improve its productivity.

On top of their software solutions, Convoso’s team can accompany you to make sure that your new refurbished shiny call centre is compliant with the law in place.

More than another SAAS, Convoso takes call centres to a whole new dimension and accompanies its customers along the way. 



Nuecho helps you connect with your clients efficiently.

They figure out your needs to give you the best solutions.

For this they do: 

  • Strategic and technological support
  • Design architecture of the conversational structure
  • Planning project management and delivery
  • Support for the implementation of the continuous improvement loop

Their approach is to work in 4 phases:

  1. diagnose the situation and the use cases
  2. proceed to a proof of concept
  3. develop, deploy, operationalize and optimize the strategy
  4. look at the benefits and determine the next evolution

They work with big companies such as Nuance and Dialog flow.

Yes they do a lot of stuff!

Nu EchoNu Echo

Sparrow AI

Give your voice experience an Australian vibe!

Sparrow is a voice agency based in Sydney.

They help you to add voice to your existing digital channels.

Sparrow only work with small companies so you might not know them (Microsoft, Google, Amazon)

They will help you: 

  • Create easy interface for your voice activated solutions
  • Implement your solution in Amazon or google
  • Test your application to ensure the best quality

Not bad right?

Sparrow AISparrow AI

Muse Platforms

Muse platform provides the products and services to accompany business in their digital acceleration. 

This NYC-based company helps in many digital transformation areas, including voice technologies.

Leveraging the power of open-source resources, and combining them with proprietary expertise, Muse sets up low-cost high-value conversational AI for:

  • AI Driven Voice Customer Experience
  • Automatic Speech Recognition
  • Customized brand experience
  • And much more

Muse partners with many key companies to accelerate the digital revolution in the world.

So wait no more and take your ticket to the vocal stratosphere!

Muse PlatformsMuse Platforms


After so much technology, it doesn’t hurt going back to a more usual style.

You may think that most AI-generated voices are not great, that they still sound very robotic, and you would be right.

There is no worse feeling than listening to a soulless robotic voice.

Voquent, a pillar of its area, allows you to find and link up with your dream voice actor for amazing human voices.

They offer services in voice over castings, translation and audio production.

Voquent lets you browse millions of voice actors using criteria like location, language, accent, and tone.

Listen to different audio samples from potential voice actors and make your choice.

Want to stick with human voices? Then find your ideal voice actor with Voquent


Voxly Digital

Are you new to the space of Conversational AI?

Do you feel lost by terms like NLP, NLU, or ASR?

Well, hear this: Voxly Digital will make you familiar with this whole world and set up strategies to incorporate these new invaluable technologies into your business.

Voxly Digital offers services along the entire journey of voice integration:

  • Define a strategy to win in voice and conversational AI
  • Build Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant apps
  • Deploy voice enabled advertising
  • Transform user experience

If you know nothing about this new exciting space, Voxly will take you by the hand and work with you to bring your business up to speed and make the most of the vocal revolution.

Voxly DigitalVoxly Digital


Voicework helps you with all aspects of your audio strategy from concept to production

For this they have 4 pillars:

  • Voice technology: they create innovative voice AI and applications for your brand.
  • Audio content: they develop, conceptualize and produce high quality audio content for you
  • Voice search: they will help you optimize your content and digital footprint so voice AI can discover it
  • Sonic branding: they help you develop your brand across all audio touchpoint

They have partnerships with big brands such as Google or amazon

Their website is simple and straightforward.

You want to see how good they are? 

Just go and check their work!

Voiceworks Voiceworks

Skilled Creative

They work with the biggest brands and the best technologies so what more could you ask for?

They offer a full service going from strategy, creation, development, go-to-market analytics and partnership

The design of this website is really nice and having a look will enable you to see a few of the projects they worked on!

Go have a look at their website not only will it give you inspiration but it will also show you what they are capable of!

Now it’s your time to speak

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