The 19 best blogs to keep up with voice technology (2022)


Listen to the voice of voice!

Everyone can give their opinion and this includes voice! 

This article gathers the best voice blogs on the current market and their specificity.

Yes, the complete package!

This article will help you provide the best voice blogs and sources of information and knowledge related to voice technology for all levels of users. 

Whether you are reading these blogs for the first time or the 100th time, you can learn new things related to voice technology every day! 

Let’s jump right in!

Voicebot AI, the voice of voice technologies

Voicebot AI is the blog that you need to know about!

They have researches, stats, insiders and a podcast about voice technologies in all the different domains you can imagine.

It’s a really complete blog:

It has every information linked to voice technology and publishes regularly!

By regularly I mean everyday and several times a day! 

Hard to be more up to date right? is also on Twitter and LinkedIn

Speech-to-Meaning, your weekly voice AI bulletin

The Speech-to-Meaning blog is linked to the company Soundhound that you might already know.

They post an article every three days and their content is really interesting and most of the articles are accessible to everyone.

If you want to learn about voice technologies it’s really worth a read!

Most of their articles are related to voice AI.

You can browse by topics and I am sure it’s a very good place to find the information you’re looking for.

Speech to Meaning BlogSpeech to Meaning Blog


You can find them on Twitter and LinkedIn

Alexa blogs, understand your Alexa even better

Everyone knows Alexa but only a few people know about their blog.

Actually, their blogs because they have 4!


    • The skill builder blog is where you can find tips, tools and valuable information to build Alexa skills.


    • The Alexa auto blog is where you can discover how Alexa is helping in the automobile industry.


    • The device maker blog is where you will find information about Alexa features in smart homes or Alexa gadgets.


    • And finally, the Alexa science blog that will help you learn how Alexa is evolving and all its advances.

It’s a really interesting read where you can find very valuable information about Alexa and voice technology!

Amazon Alexa BlogsAmazon Alexa Blogs


You can find them on Twitter and Facebook

Cerence Blogs, learn about your future copilot

Voice assistants are slowly but surely getting into our card, Corence Blog explains why and how!

This blog covers both the intuitions between Natural Language Processing and their applications to driving assistants.

If you want to discover what your future AI copilot will be like, then Corence’s blog is the way to go.

They only post a few articles each month so it’s quite easy to keep up.

If you really enjoy their content, join their mailing list to get even more insights into the world of driving assistants.

Cerence BlogsCerence Blogs


You can find them on Twitter and LinkedIn

Nuance Blog, touching the nuances of voice technology

Branch of the tech company Nuance AI, this blog features articles on tech innovations and leadership.

Publishing a few articles each month, Nuance’s blog covers a wide range of topics from healthcare AI applications to management advice. 

Willing to have this information delivered right to your inbox? Join their mailing list.

If you have 5 minutes to spare now, I highly recommend reading their article on Avicenna.AI 

In this interview, the Avicenna.AI CEO outlines their journey as a company and how their AI now helps thousands of doctors in the US, it’s passionate!



You can find them on Twitter and LinkedIn

Phonexia, the best source for voice authentication news

Phonexia’s blog focuses on voice technologies and, more specifically, voice authentication.

You know, those systems which just ask for you to say something to log you into an account and make you earn a ton of time.

Well, this blog will tell you everything you need to know on the topic: from fundamentals to the freshest news, they’ve got you covered!

They only post a few articles monthly so it is quite easy to keep up. Join their mailing list to get the news directly into your inbox!



You can find them on Twitter and LinkedIn

Soapbox, the art of teaching with voice AI

Soapbox is a company proposing a tool that leverages Voice AI to help with language learning.

With a new post every 2 weeks or so, their blog posts summarise all company-related news and explain how vocal AI helps in language learning.

Other than a blog, they also have a mailing list you can join to be updated directly whenever a new post is released.



You can find them on Twitter and LinkedIn

Rain Agency, advice and insights into voice technologies

If you are looking for high-quality information about AI and voice, go check Rain.

Rain’s blog articles cover a wide variety of voice and AI-related topics: from voice synthesis to security and ethical questions, you will find something that might interest you.

They drop articles of varying lengths but of consistently high quality.

I would highly recommend their post on the opportunity of voice ads, go check it out!

Rain AgencyRain Agency


You can find them on Twitter and LinkedIn

Speech technology magazine: flicker through the hottest voice-related news

Speech Technology Magazine is one of the most long-lasting sources of information in this area.

They started issuing magazines in physical copies back in 1997, how amazing is this?

This magazine covers topics and news in literally all voice-related topics:


    • Customer self-service

    • Speech recognition

    • Virtual assistants

    • Artificial Intelligence

    • Speaker identification

    • Speech to text

You name it, they’ve got it!

New blogs are now coming out on a quarterly basis, go check Fall 2021 one online!

Speech Technology Magazine Speech Technology Magazine


You can find them on Twitter and LinkedIn

Speechmatics, your one place for practical information on voice technology

Speechmatics is a Voice and AI company and their blog is centred around their technology, how it’s being used, and what it’s like to work there

They upload new content about twice a month.

Despite being centred on their tech, this blog still provides great insights into topics related to their business like voice and AI technologies.

The best way to build your opinion is to go check them out yourself!



You can find them on Twitter and LinkedIn

Apptek’s Speech Technology Blog, provides quality information on voice technology

Are you hungry for more voice technology-related content?

Apptek is one of the leading companies in AI and machine learning for automatic speech recognition and machine translation.

Their blog, named the “Speech Technology blog”, features Apptek’s business-related news as well as more broad posts on AI and speech-related topics.

They post a few articles each month, go throw an eye!



You can find them on Twitter and LinkedIn

Alan Blog, it’s all in!

Just like the other blogs listed here, Alan’s blog features posts on AI and voice technologies.

Alan’s blog posts are quite focused on voice assistants and their applications to several domains such as sales or education.

This being said, there are also quite a few articles on more general topics such as Women in Tech.

They also organise competitions from time, which are advertised on this blog. If you’re interested in this kind of thing, the link’s just down below.

Alan BlogAlan Blog


You can find them on Twitter and LinkedIn

Vivoka Blog, filling the gap between business and voice

Vivoka’s blog aims at explaining voice technologies and how they can be used in a business.

They alternate between tech, educational and business centered posts on a wide range of topics in the area of voice technologies.

Just as most other company-led blogs, part of their content explains how their tool can help businesses.

They do not post very often (once every few months) so join their mailing lists if you don’t want to miss out on the next one.



You can find them on Twitter and LinkedIn

Vogo Blog, the one that reviews various online tools

Vogo is a company developing and hosting a tool for voice assistants creation.

Their blog mainly features two types of articles;


    • Feature Fridays where they describe one of the feature of their tool

    • Skill Review where they give their opinion on a voice-related product

Not willing to read ? Most of their posts are accompanied by a Youtube video!

If I were you, I would visit this blog at least once to see its design, I find it very inspirational.

Vogo VoiceVogo Voice


You can find them on Twitter and LinkedIn

Speechly Blog, provide better for your users

Opened in 2019, Speechly’s blog provides content on improving user experience through voice.

From very practical advice on UI design to broader reviews of their domains, this blog must have something for you.

I really enjoyed their post called “Insights and Statistics on Voice Technology”, very interesting for anybody working with voice technology.

Their posts are short but effective, a nice read if you have the time!

Speechly Speechly


You can find them on Twitter and LinkedIn

IT Pro, your next best IT advisor!

If you’re looking for a place to keep up with IT-related news different from the classical Wired and all, IT Pro might be an option for you.

They regularly post content on tech-related news or concepts.

The subject of their posts vary from cryptocurrencies to voice search and voice assistants

I’m sure you’ll find an article you like among the hundreds over there.

IT ProIT Pro


You can find them on Twitter and LinkedIn

Readspeaker Blog, let the blog speak to you

Fed up with reading ? I know what it is, we are reading all the time and it can become tiring.

But I have some great news for you; you can listen to ReadSpeaker’s blog!

This company, specialized in text-to-speech (aka TTS) lets you listen to their blog posts using their tool.

They post a few articles each month on a wide variety of copicss from company-related news to discussions of TTS technologies and accessibility in tech.

Try discovering a blog in a new way and listen to their posts!



You can find them on Twitter and LinkedIn Blog, revving up your drive to learn! developps and hosts an AI-powered tool for automatic speech transcription.

Their blog features both company-related news or stories and vulgarisation around the science behind voice technologies.

They post once every few weeks so it is easy to keep up with the pace.

If you’re a designer, go check their visuals, they look very nice and have a real coherence throughout the blog.


You can find them on Twitter and LinkedIn

Vocads, learn about voice technology in an interactive way!

Oh wait, that’s me, welcome!

On this obviously fantastic blog, you will find posts on a variety of topics from top listings to insights on voice technologies and more!

We want to make it easy for you to follow so join our mailing list to be notified every time new content comes out!

Just browse us, click around and be seduced by the loveliness of this blog. 

If you don’t feel like reading, click on our AI in the bottom right corner of your browser to make our AI summarize this article for you!  



You can find them on Twitter and LinkedIn

Now we want to hear your voice !!

Which blog do you read the most or would you like to discover?

Did you know there were so many blogs about voice? 

Do you think they should be more?

If so, what’s missing according to you?

Either way, leave a comment to let us know! Everyone has something to say!

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