Voice Tools: The Complete List (2022)

Hear me out!

In this blog post, you will find out about the best voice tools on the current market.

We gathered various voice tools going from speech to text, voice assistant, text to speech to voice advertising, voice assistant trainers or voice security.

Yes, the complete package!

This will give you an overview of what voice tools and technologies can do today and which companies stand out in the different voice domain.

Let’s dive right in! 

Cerence Drive, the voice tool that is also your ideal co-pilot

One of the top voice tools in the automobile industry.

Over 400 million cars are equipped with Cerence technology today.

Cerence drive specializes in cars. It provides functions such as:

  • Voice Biometrics allows Cerence to personalize the experience of the user by remembering their favourite music, seat position or preferred navigation routes. All this is secured by a spoken passphrase. (A sentence that you tell to unlock these features)
  • Gaze detection enables the driver to ask questions about surrounding stores. It’s basically like having a copilot that knows the road and Wikipedia by heart but only talks when you allow him to.
  • Emergency Vehicle Detection detects emergency siren signals from far away and helps you adapt your driving accordingly. Don’t use this feature to escape the police cars!

On top of that, their voice is pretty close to a human voice.

You don’t want to struggle to find a parking spot just to realise the restaurant is not what you expected, right?

Cerence drive will answer your questions and guide you to the place by only using your voice.

Better co-pilot than some of your friends? I think that might be the case.

Cerence Drive
Cerence Drive

Trinity, your reader and your adviser.

An excellent tool for converting your website, blog article, or book into an audio version. It can also find audio-based content online and help voice assistance to search for content.

For this, Trinity has three products: 

  • Trinity Audio instantly converts text into audio on any device. It’s easy to customize and integrate into your website.
  • Trinity Pulse, the content discovery unit that also provides recommendations to listeners. It’s a very good way to direct the user’s journey and increase your revenues.
  • Trinity Skills delivers your voice on smart speakers with your own customized set of voice-first skills.

Their blog is also worth reading. Or listening actually as their tool is implemented on their own blog.

Already impressed?

After checking their demo on their website you will be definitively convinced. You can customize it according to your preferences.

To be honest, I think it’s fun to play around with.

Trinity Audio Trinity Audio

Alexa, the popular kid at school

This virtual assistant from Amazon is probably the most famous tool in the market.

Alexa can be used in home automation, ordering food or products, to start playing music, giving some sports news, calling people and sending messages but also providing traffic or weather updates.

On top of this, Alexa allows developers to create skills for it and enables companies to integrate Alexa’s competencies into their own products.

Last step? Connect your devices and enjoy the magic!

Do you need some inspiration? They don’t have 1,2 or 3 but 4 different blogs where you can get inspiration or meet the people that make Alexa a better tool every day. 

Impressive isn’t it? You can customize it to suit your needs!

Amazon AlexaAmazon Alexa

Voiceflow, create conversations easily

Here is one big fish in the market!

With Voiceflow, you can create voice conversations with their no code editor to assist users and clients across platforms.

 The tool is complete and powerful. You can use it for:

  • Chatbot
  • Custom assistance
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • With Alexa and google
  • In-car assistance

An amazing thing about this tool is the design of the software. Be careful, you might fall in love with it!

You can also add visuals and audio in the campaigns!

You don’t know how to start? Get some inspiration from their templates that you can filter them by levels from beginner to advanced. They have lots of resources.

My best advice? Just go and try it yourself! 

It takes 35 seconds (let’s say 50 with a slow connection) to create an account and start playing around with it.


Slang Labs Assistant, one of the best voice tools for the Indian markets

An amazing tool from the three idiots. (I wouldn’t dare but this is how the founders name themselves).

Slang in-app voice assistance is a low code voice assistant that can be added to your website and your mobile app.

It has a multilingual overlay that allows users to speak in the language of their choice including English, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam.

The tool will enable you to perform important actions such as voice navigation, voice search, voice forms, voice action and voice promotion. Just check out their demo!

They have well-explained resources on the website where they compare their tool to chatbots and google voice search which will give you a full understanding of Slang Labs capacities.

They also created a voice-enabled tool for tracking coronavirus outbreaks in India by region:

Not such an idiot in the end right?

Slang LabsSlang Labs

Google Assistant, the voice tool that looks toward the future

You guys know about this right?

Google’s virtual assistant is one of the most popular and widely used tools in the world! 

You can use it for various tasks and you can integrate Google Assistant in various different applications and appliances like your laptop or home assistant. 

Google assistant can do basic tasks such as scheduling events, alarms, taking a screenshot or searching for information and it can also engage in a two-way conversation thanks to Google’s NLP algorithm. 

Perhaps you already had this song in your head, but you were unable to recall the lyrics and title of the song? Google might be able to solve your issue!

They have recently announced a ‘hum to search’ function that enables you to try to find a song by humming, whistling or singing the song. Google will convert the audio into a number-based sequence that corresponds to the melody of the song.

The future? Google Duplex, is an assistant that is able to autonomously call a restaurant to book a table or a hair salon.

Impressive isn’t it?

Google AssistantGoogle Assistant

Houndify, the generous tool that puts your interest first

Houndify from SoundHound enables you to add conversational intelligence and advanced voice AI to your business.

It also has an Independent voice AI platform and also many impressive features such as:

  • Advanced acoustic and language modelling for superior speech-to-text accuracy.
  • Custom voices for your brand
  • Customisable Domains to Turn Data Into Conversations

Forget speech to text and text to meaning! Houndify converts speech to meaning thanks to their Deep Meaning Understanding technology!

Houndify can be used in multiple industries such as automotive, entertainment or hospitality. 

They have great resources on their website including videos and guides. On top of this, they have an amazing blog with the latest voice AI trends!

The best thing about Houndify? According to me, it’s their collective AI vision.

It enables developers to collaborate and contribute to each other’s work. By sharing and allowing an extension on their work it enables to merge work and improve final products. 


NLX, create qualitative voice guidance

This tool helps people interact with brands by providing automated and multimodal self-service tools powered by AI.

They use 4 products: 

  • Conversations (not launched yet) that enable you to build, manage, and analyze all your automated conversations in one place
  • Dialogue studio is an online application that allows you to centrally design and manage all your chat and voice conversations.
  • Voice Compass allows you to create your personalized voice-guided customer journey.
  • Voice insights for Amazon connect which is a comprehensive suite of AI and analytics capabilities. It helps organisations to be more efficient by:
    • Monitoring contact centre metrics
    • Providing a fully searchable repository of calls
    • Transcribing and analyzing call recordings 

Honestly, I think it’s pretty powerful, don’t you? 

I personally hope it could improve some of my customer journeys!


Optimal Conversation by Xappai, the optimal trainer

Everyone needs a mentor and this includes your virtual assistant!

Xappai might be the best coach for your virtual assistant. The Optimal Conversation tool trains the AI to be the voice of your company.

Let’s take an example: There are 3000 ways you can ask a virtual assistant to set an alarm. 

How can it know all of them without training? This leads to an incomplete conversational experience and customer disappointment. No one wants that right?

The Optimal Conversation Studio provides a machine teaching workflow that allows companies to build and manage conversational experiences.

They collect data, teach it, test it and then deploy it and manage it

The goal of the company? It might sound obvious but it’s to create Optimal Conversations.


Voicify, the good friend

Voicify is like that one friend that can help you with anything in life!

Voicify helps marketers to engage with their customers on a deeper and more personal level by creating voice apps.

For this, they have their Conversation Experience Platform

They also allow you to deploy your voice experience on any voice assistant such as Alexa or Google assistant but also to maintain the content.*

You can use their Conversation Content Management System for this.

Voicify can help you in many areas including:

  • Security and privacy in voice apps
  • Voice analytics
  • Voice app media management
  • Conversational personalization

As a good friend, Voicify is also very flexible and would be able to help no matter what Industry you’re in!

Not too bad as a friend right?


Voice Metrics, your vocal business assistant

Voice metrics is your business voice assistant and trust me, this guy has a lot of knowledge!

How does it work? Voice metrics connect your data and your apps with Alexa and Google voice assistant.

Then it’s straightforward!

You don’t need to log in to your databases and dashboards anymore. You can just ask your voice assistant for anything about your company and it will reply to you vocally.

You ask for anything related to your business for example:  

  • Timetable
  • Sales results
  • Events
  • Whether results are increasing or decreasing
  • HR situations

You can also create your own custom voice briefing.

This tool can make you save a lot of time on the long run and time is something precious. 

Voice MetricsVoice Metrics

Soapbox, your child’s best friend

Soapbox! Finally, someone that really understands kids! 

You might be thinking: what do you mean by this?

Soapbox is a speech recognition tool built for 2 to 12 years old kids’ voices. 

On top of that, it has a high accuracy verified over ages and accents and is only low code which enables you to create voice solutions in a few hours.

This tool can help teachers in several subjects going from maths to languages as the software analyzes phonics, words, sentences and fluency.

If that wasn’t already crazy enough the tool can also work in noisy environments

They have loads of features including for example:

  • Wakeword
  • Voice search
  • Voice transcription
  • Voice control
  • Conversations

I honestly think it’s one of the best voice educational tools for kids!


Ad Vibe from Instreamatic, the tool that makes ads interesting

Instreamatic is one of the top voice tools in audio ads!

You might be thinking: “but why is it a voice tool if we are only going to listen to repetitive audio ads?”

Instreamatic enables you to engage with your customers with smart and entertaining dialogue.

The first reason why Instreamatic is amazing is that you can create interactive ads which means that the ad will evolve according to customers’ answers.

Second reason: The ads will evolve over time according to your customers’ preferences. If they didn’t like the last product you offered them, it will suggest you another one the next time.

You can also manage and analyse their campaign from their software 

Way more exciting than traditional advertising right?

Ad Vibe from InstreamaticAd Vibe from Instreamatic

Kwalys and Ivy, the call bot duo

A lot of people are more productive working together rather than alone. On that occasion, I present you Kwalys and Ivy!

These two working together bring very good results to your business: an awesome phone assistant!

With Kwalys you can create a call bot that will improve your call centre.

The best way to do it is to:

  • Create and train your questions and answers thanks to IVY which understands what is being said to it and thanks to the test comprehension engine.
  • Create the flow with Kwalys dialogue maker. For that, you have Talkr.ai, a voice bot platform that allows you to create your voice assistant.
  • Test your call bot and then deploy it by connecting it to a phone number.

And then… You’re done!

Another good thing about this platform is that it’s easy to manage even if you don’t have a tech background.

You always get better results when working with teams!

Kwalys Kwalys

Pindrop, the tool that keeps your voice system safe

We all need someone to protect us! (Even McGregor has security guards!)

Pindrop is the security guard of your voice business. Just like everyone in that article they want the voice market to reach its full potential while being safe.

Pindrop can help you with: 

  • Your business
  • Your devices 
  • Your communications

You might wonder how? Let me explain!

Pindrop can detect and block lots of things for you such as Phishing attempts, account mining, and frauds.

They have multiple ways to help detect identities such as voice biometrics or device validation

Their anti-fraud, authentication system and amazon connect systems are really secure and this is why they work with 8 of the top 10 US banks and 5 of the top 7 US life insurers.

Nothing is better than being safe right?


Acapela, the right voice for your business

Acapela can be the voice of your business! 

They provide a voice to everything, including cars, robots, games, and e-learning courses.

They have 30 different languages and 200 different voices.

You can use these voices from their voice database but the real magic occurs when customizing your voice!

Yes, it’s true with Acapela you can customize your voice! 

Trust me, it’s easier than you think! It only requires a few steps: 

  • The DNN Voice Factory creates a digital voice with only a few minutes of recording and the corresponding text transcription. Obviously the more content the better.
  • The Small Talk Voice requires some manual work but enables a more homogeneous result across the database. 
  • The High-Quality Voice. With some extra recordings and some very sophisticated tools, you will manage to have a voice quality as good as the standard ones from the website.

Okay maybe not so easy but it’s worth it.

Next step, try their demo. There are lots of things you can do with it.

ReadSpeaker, customize the voice for your business

Here is another very good text-to-speech tool.

The voices they have are almost similar to human voices!

ReadSpeaker can provide you with many solutions including:

  • Text to speech online.
  • Speech production
  • Embedded desktop and servers

Do you want to try out the different voices they have? 

Just go on their website, type your text, choose the voice and you’re ready to go!

You can also get a custom voice! For that, just contact them. Having a custom voice can massively improve your customer experience!

If you want to learn more, you can read their blog, case studies and testimonials.

More into listening than reading? You can also listen to ReadSpeakers resources as their technology is implemented on their own website.


Voxygen: the ultimate voice customisation experience

Voxygen is an extremely flexible text-to-speech solution.

Using the SSML text format, Vosygen gives you uncomparable control over how a message is pronounced, allowing you to:

  • Modify specific word phonetics
  • Add, remove or edit the duration of silences
  • Edit the voice tune
  • Set pronunciation speed
  • Speak with background music
  • And much more!

At this point, you might think that this must be complicated to pull off. What was this format again: SMML, SMSL, LMSS, SSLM?

All of this happens in the cloud and with a user-friendly browser-based GUI.

Are you looking for something more automated and easier to integrate into your software? Voxygen’s got your back: all their functionalities are available through a REST API.

3, 2, 1, … speak!


Whispeak: the vocal key to your virtual locks

You’re on a website you haven’t used in a while, you would like to see this great content but here comes the login page.

You try your usual password, and it doesn’t work, you feel blocked by this doomed login page destroying the fluidity of your browsing experience.

Can you imagine just logging in by simply saying “Hey, it’s me!” ?

Well, it’s now getting real. Whispeak helps companies to set up voice-based identification.

Whispeak provides companies with an easy to integrate, secure and GDPR compliant vocal identification system. Forget about those times when your clients had to log in with a terrible password, let them embark on a smoother, faster and safer journey!


Genesys, improve the quality of your call centre

Genesys doesn’t just simplify your life and the life of people in your company but also the life of customers.

Genesys has a native AI but also works with other AI such as Amazon Lex or Google Dialogflow.

They have developed a smart voice bot that communicates with natural language. This will massively improve the quality of your call centre and improve your relationship with your clients.

You might think: “But what if the bot can’t solve my problem, I want to talk to a human?”

If the voice bot can’t solve your problem you will be redirected to a human but the best part is that the voice bot will already have analyzed your problem and you won’t have to re explain it to the human.

Genesys doesn’t only do voice bots but also other support services such as chatbots and software to manage your call centre.

Simplifies everyone’s life right?


Nuance, the voice of a dragon

Ok, here we are talking about a company bought by Microsoft for 19.7 billion dollars in 2021.

Maybe I would have bought an island or a massive boat if I had that amount of money!

You might think: Why would Microsoft spend that much? 

Actually for Dragon!

Dragon by Nuance is a tool that helps professionals to create high-quality documents faster and with very high accuracy by using their voices. 

For this, they combine an amazing speech to text AI with 99% accuracy and a deep and thorough understanding of document workflows. 

By using Dragon you can fill documents 3 times faster than when you write.

They have several products including Dragon professional, Dragon legal or Dragon Home.

Their products really improve efficiency and productivity and are used in many industries but are massively used in the Healthcare industry with 10 000 healthcare organisations using nuance (2019)

For that kind of Dragon, I would definitively break the bank!


Liaison Vocale, optimize your call centre

Liaison Vocale is a company that modifies software dedicated to the optimization of customer relationships.

They have developed a new voice server called ELLO 

ELLO is a tool that is easy to install and configure via a web interface. It works with NUANCE for voice recognition.

Their tool manages on average 85% of calls which enables your call centre to be less busy and to manage more calls.

ELLO offers a polite, professional welcome and a quick and intelligent connection to your customers.

Liaison VocaleLiaison Vocale

Bespoken, The tool that won’t let your voice assistant take a rest.

Here is another personal trainer for your voice application!

A good trainer always uses several tools and as a good trainer, Bespoken has 4 tools:

  • Unit testing that makes sure the code is working correctly and is of a good quality 
  • End to end testing that tests your voice app from start to finish
  • Continuous testing that tests the app on a regular basis and notifies you of problems
  • Usability testing measures how well speech recognition and natural language are performing for your skill and identifies where improvements need to be made

With these 4 steps, Bespoken makes sure that your voice application is up to date, qualitative and understands the users. 

I think the tool can be very useful for you if you’re looking to launch a voice application as Bespoken helps you before you launch and after your voice application has been launched.

Pretty good for a personal trainer right?


Go Vivace, the flexible assistant

Mickey has Goofy, Go Vivace has Vivi!

Vivi is a conversational AI voice assistant that works on telecommunications channels, and web and mobile platforms.

Vivi can be used for many things including:

  • Generate leads and sales and book appointments
  • Advertise your brand
  • Customer service and support
  • Voice notification
  • Voice-enabled survey  

Vivi is very flexible; She can act as a doctor’s assistant in the morning and as a pizzeria employee in the evening.

It can work with many channels including Apple, Android, Messenger, Snapchat, and Whatsapp.

On top of that, It doesn’t need a lot of sleep since it can work on a 24/7 basis.

Thank god AI are not asking for holidays yet!

Go VivaceGo Vivace

Phonexia, the dream tool for intelligence services

Fasten your seatbelt because Phonexia brings AI-powered voice analysis to the real world.

Phonexia provides tools to run all sorts of voice data analysis from standard user authentication to large scale audio data analysis.

The key functionalities of their tools include:

  • Vocal authentication with Phonexia Voice Verify: offer your customers a seamless identification experience
  • Large scale audio speech data analysis with Phonexia Orbis: identify key speakers, topics and report your findings in just a few clicks
  • Uncover hidden information in speech and identify persons of interest by voice with Phonexia’s Speech Platform: turn lightning speed to highly accurate voice analysis
  • Perform fast and highly accurate language-independent forensic voice analysis with Phonexia’s Voice Inspector: feel the power of state-of-the-art deep learning!

Have loads of voice data sitting there unused? Phonexia will give you the keys to unlock the hidden power of voice big data.


Verbal Transactions, or how to manage call centres like a pro

Are you the big boss of a call centre? (I hope that’s not one of those trying to get gift cards, you know what I mean 😉 )

Verbal Transactions optimises call centres and helps on every aspect of the process. 

Verbal Transactions provides a solution to:

  • Analyse conversations live and provide help to your agents
  • Measure your centre’s KPI in real-time to keep constant track of your core metrics
  • Predict the evolution of your centre’s KPIs to anticipate the future
  • Train your agents so that they are “call ready”: what a better way to learn than taking training calls? (see video below)

Forget the old-style call centres from “Las chicas del cable” and join the future of call centre management with Verbal Transactions!


IDR&D, your vocal keychain

Concerned about identification and security? Trust one of the leading companies of the identification industry, ID R&D. 

ID R&D is an award-winning provider of AI-based voice and face biometrics, I’m talking real pros here.

With one of the strongest R&D teams in the industry, ID R&D consistently delivers innovative, best-in-class biometric capabilities that raise the bar in terms of usability and performance.

ID R&D purposes a whole variety of voice identification tools to protect user’s online identity:

  • A versatile text-dependent or text-independent identification tool
  • Voice checks to protect from spoofing and scams
  • Voice ID verification with mobile apps
  • Whatsapp secure chat with voice identification

All those tools are easily accessible to developers through an SDK or a Docker image. 

Bored of looking for different solutions for your multi-platform product? IDR&D integrates all of them, works once, deploys everywhere!

Bored of remembering complex passwords? Just say “Hey, it’s me!” and ID R&D will know that it’s actually you!


ALAN, almost as smart as Turing

Always dreamt of having your own Jarvis? This company may come in handy for you!

Alan is a fully-fledged, cloud-based versatile voice assistant builder.

Alan enables human-like conversations in any app by leveraging the power of state-of-the-art AI.

Designing a smart voice assistant for your business has never been easier as everything happens on a nice graphical web-based editor and all the heavy lifting happens in the cloud.

Alan’s flexibility and ease of use let you design the voice assistant of your dreams. Build yourself a nice exoskeleton, plug Alan in there and BOOM, you’ve got your Jarvis!

Alan AI Alan AI

Symbl.ai, the one that makes your meetings more productive

Taking notes, writing summaries, and sending this to everybody after a meeting: what a loss of time!

Now, don’t get me wrong: doing this is absolutely essential for team productivity, but thus requires somebody to take care of note-taking all the time instead of focusing on the actual content, what a loss of resources!

Or worse, imagine having hours of meeting videos. audios you would like to get a summary of, it would take ages for somebody to do that!

Well, waste no more, because Symbl comes in with a fantastic range of services to help you out. Symbl.ai offers you:

  • Speech to text
  • Speaker Diarization
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Contextual Insights
  • Conversational Analytics
  • Topics of Discussion recognition
  • Entity & Intent Recognition

Symbl can also be used to design voice bots, what a versatile platform!

Symbl’s services can be accessed on a browser interface or through an API. 

What more? You can try it for free under a limit of 1,000 minutes of video 10,000 words analysis per month!


iZIBTP, building your own vocal future

If you’re an independent worker in a country like France, you will recognise yourself in the coming story.

Imagine you just finished work at a client’s house repairing their boiler. Everything went fine, they even offered you a cup of coffee.

You feel fulfilled and are ready to go to the next job, but you have to go through those damn paperwork beforehand.

Contracts, bills, signatures, those are taking so much of your time you could be spending helping someone else or growing your business …

Well, not anymore. IZIBTP provides a platform for smart vocal orderings & paperwork for civil engineering workers and companies. 

Already trusted by more than 100 professionals in France, IZIBTP’s mobile app removes the administrative burden from your shoulders..

IZIBTP triggers all administrative processes from voice commands. Any paperwork to do? Just say it and the app will take care of it for you.

IZIBTP allows you to focus on the core of the real work: building our future.


Pingloud, the tool that increases your safety

Pingloud is that one friend that always wants you to be safe.

Pingloud, while running in the background, reads your messages such as text, email or any notification out loud so you don’t need to touch or watch your phone.

You can also reply to these messages by voice.

Of course you can select which kind of message or from which app Pingloud should read or shouldn’t so you don’t get disturbed by useless notifications.

Pingloud is very flexible!

It can also give you feedback on how you drive, but can also be used while exercising, working or simply at home.

It works with smart devices such as Google home IOS Android and Alexa and is multilingual.

Pingloud helps you drive safely and be more efficient!

What else would you need?


CogNeed, the tool that saves time and effort

CogNeed wants to improve conversations.

CogNeed can:

  • Create better conversations by providing real-time assistance including suggestions, providing valuable tips and information which helps you gain commercial credentials.
  • Accelerate employees’ training by giving them a safety net, allowing autonomous training and painless memorization of technical information
  • Improve time management from clients and employees as it reduces the number of commercial calls and enables sales representatives to not always ask managers.

This can offer lots of benefits to your company including sales growth training time and it also enables your company to differentiate itself from its competitors.

Still doubtful? Ask them for a demo!


Vocads, build smarter and faster (I mean really fast)

Vocads is a brand new company in the voice market, but also maybe the next big one!

I mean massive one!

Vocads uses a no code, (NO CODE) editor to build voice conversation on any website or application with an AI.

It is the solution that democratizes access to voice technologies.


Not only because, if that wasn’t clear enough yet, it is no code but also because Vocads is :

  • Simple to use. You can create voice campaigns effortlessly with the no-code editor. Broadcast your voice campaign into your website in just a few clicks. Analyze the real-time campaign data and take the best decisions for your business from the report panel
  • Simple to interact. Vocads integrate swiftly to your website. You can discover and analyze what your users and collaborators think and say in a seamless manner, since everyone can speak and everyone has something to say!
  • Simple to understand. You can take advantage of voice data to easily analyze and understand your clients and collaborators.

As Vocads say “it is by talking to each other, that we understand each other”.

And trust me! As a very talkative company, they will be understood by a lot of people in the near future!


Sayitnow, audio advertising at its finest! 

With Sayitnow, connection and communication between users and consumer brands are now easy with the help of their audio advertisements! 

Their Actionable Audio Ads (AdTech) offer clients end-to-end attribution, deep campaign data, automated campaign optimization, engagement, and transactions.

With their tools, you can 

  • Enable voice commerce: Providing a new experience for users where they can talk to their bots and buy products just by using their voice. 
  • Audio Ads: Delivering end to end campaign attribution adding significant value to the growing digital audio advertising ecosystem.

Pretty impressive right? 

Clinc, the best chatterbox for your banks!

Clinc, is an Ann Arbor-based startup that offers conversational artificial intelligence applications to financial institutions across the United States and around the world. 

Their ‘human-in-the-room’ virtual assistant adventure will transform the way banks interact with their customers. 

Clinc’s conversational intelligence guarantees every consumer banking experience remains seamless and it seems 20221 will see tremendous growth on the backs of some major changes over the last several years.

With Clinc, users can: 

  • Authenticated and Unauthenticated chatbots: These chatbots help in tracking authenticated and unauthenticated customers. 

When a transaction has been authenticated, the user completing it has logged in and been identified as the user of the system by providing a username and password. 

Unauthenticated transactions occur when the user completing them is not logged in and has no identity with the Manager.

  • Platform: With their patented platform, users can create conversational chatbots for any banking site, helping them deal with customer support. 

Sonatic, The full-fledged workstation for text-to-speech AI

With Sonatic, users can create natural-like sounding text to speech audios.

Sonatic’s AI can help create and generate natural-sounding audios that can help mimic natural human speech. 

With the help of their workstation, you can create, arrange, edit and also register and save new words! 

With Sonatic, you can: 

  • Create and save words that are not in the dictionary: When it comes to generating audios for words that are out of the dictionary, (ex: hyperloop), you can easily edit the way the AI pronounces the words by editing the syllables. 
  • Emotions: By incorporating rich emotions into your narrative, you can produce highly expressive, nuanced performances. You can adjust the intensity to your liking.
  • Projections: By generating realistic shouts, you can take your content to the next level – without straining the actors’ voices.

Sounds like a real DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) for TTS engines! 

You can check out how they work in this video!


Suki, your doctor’s best friend!

We all know how a doctor’s life is behind all those treatments. They have to deal with tons of paperwork, collect and update patient data with the latest symptoms or healing properties, update and handle appointments etc. 

With Suki, all of those tasks can be handled just by voice. Imagine itself being the Siri for doctors. 

With Suki, doctors can 

  • Reschedule and update appointments: Last-minute change? No problem! Just say it out to Suki and it’ll update itself in its database for you! 
  • Update patient information: If any new patient is facing new symptoms or ailments, update the patient’s information in your EHR systems, or add any stock information if the patient is facing normal symptoms.
  • Multi-specialization: Any doctor who’s specialized in any field of medicine can use Suki and get their administrative tasks handled with ease. 

This might be the genie that doctors seek long for! 

Speechelo, the humanistic element inside AI

Text to speech helps users to create any words into speech. But the disadvantage is that it sounds robotic, which is a good indicator for users who come across these audios. 

With Speechelo, users can create text to speech audio in a humanistic way, and make the AI sound as natural as humans!

Plus, as an advantage, you can have a Morgan Freeman sound-alike AI speak out your words! 

All you have to do is 

  • Paste Your Text: Our online text editor allows you to paste any text you wish to transform. The AI engine will check your text and add all the punctuation marks necessary to make the speech sound natural.
  • Choose a language and a VOICE: They offer over 30 voices for you to choose from. Preview each voice to hear and find the one that best fits your needs.
  • Generate & Download: In less than 10 seconds you’ll have your voiceover generated. You can play the voiceover directly from Speechelo to see if you like it or not.

You can check their website to learn more about their tool! 

Orbita, the feature-rich assistant for doctors!

The goal of Orbita is to provide care and attention to its patients beyond their expectations. Orbita is a virtual assistant that helps provide patients with various amenities like virtual healthcare, and more! 

With Orbita, patients can talk to the AI, explain what their symptoms are and what ailments they are facing and help provide specific treatments or assistance according to the HIPAA and GDPR requirements! 

Their key capabilities include

  • Experience modules: Configure and deploy virtual healthcare assistants with speed using ready-made templates for healthcare coaching, medication reminders, question answering, surveys and assessments.
  • Flexible integration framework: Easily integrate with EHR systems, custom and 3rd-party content services, and more
  • Omni-channel support: Reach patients wherever they are, on any channel they prefer!

With Orbita, we now have a virtual doctor in the virtual world! 

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If so, will you be the one to create the next tool on that list?

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