Engaging surveys for your customers!

With Vocads Survey, customers can fill any surveys and reviews just by voice!

How does it work?

In our no-code editor, assemble simple blocks to create engaging surveys!

Open element

To let customer express themselves freely.

Yes/No element

To know your customer’s likes and dislikes.

Multi choice element

To provide options for your customers.

Satisfaction Element

To capture your customer’s feelings.

User input element

For those questions where voice isn’t just enough to answer.

Media elements

Present any media to your customers.

A hands free survey experience for
your customers

Provide an interactive survey that's
fun to fill

Forget the old type-and-click surveys! With voice surveys, customers can just speak out their thoughts and opinions with a fun and interactive experience.

Engage customers in natural conversations with your brand

Voice is the easiest form of communication, answering surveys by voice enables customers to express themselves better, free from any constraints!

No more time consuming surveys!

With voice, customers can fill in surveys much faster than in the old ways! You even get deeper data and insights as customers talks to you directly!


Understand your customers better

Get behind the scenes and access rich data to deeply understand your customers by analysing their feelings, preferences, likes, and more!

Are you ready for the future of user experience?

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