Meet UNI, our proprietory voice AI!

Our proprietary AI, UNI (Understand Natural Interactions), is more than just another voice assistant. More than just answering customers’ enquiries, our cutting-edge multilingual AI uses state-of-the-art NLP to accompany them on their journey in a natural conversation across all platforms. Everything is in the name: UNI which also stands for “Understands Natural Interactions!”

The Power of Semantics:

UNI understands natural language in a semantic way. In other words, UNI goes beyond just recognising words, UNI also understands the meaning behind phrases. For example, in UNI’s ears, not only does “yes” mean “yes”, but so does “Of course!”, “Sure”, “Indeed”, “Let’s go!”, … This key factor exponentially increases UNI’s understanding and gives you the impression of a natural conversation with another human being!

Take control with our no-code tool!

With Vocads no-code tool, create and deploy voice journey conversations for your customers with ease! No coding knowledge required, just drag and drop! You can create voice campaigns, deploy them on your sites with just a single click, and analyse the campaign performance in our analytics page! We’re an all in one platform.


Effortless Integration

Our technology attaches itself very easily to any website or app. Adding Vocads to your solution is smooth and effortless. Our solution can run on websites, call centres, mobile apps or even in your car! Our user-friendly platform was built for omnichannel voice deployment; just create a conversation once and deploy it everywhere!