You know the value that voice technologies would add to your business, but you don’t know where to start. Adding voice can be a very costly and lengthy process, and you don’t have the time for this.
Would there be a better paths?
Vocads allows you to easily add voice technology into your business. In the Vocads editor, put simple blocks together to create complex conversational flows!

Versatile Conversation design

The Vocads no-code visual editor allows anyone to design entire conversational flows by combining our smart AI-powered blocks.

The blocks include simple features such as messages, questions or navigation as well as advanced capabilities such as client satisfaction estimation and voice search through any of your databases.

Link blocks together to create any type of conversation from onboarding users all the way to accompanying prospects through their buying journey and or even surveying clients or collaborators. Our editor is a white canvas where the only limit is your imagination!

Analytic Data summary  

Vocads gives you insights into how users interact with your voice conversation by displaying the number of interactions, answer statistics for every question and how users evolved through the flow.

Want to go deeper? Export all your campaign data to industry-standard formats in just one click.


Designing complex voice campaigns for your business may require work from different teams. The Vocads editor puts everything in one place so that entire teams can work together on the same flow.

Get an example of what can be created with Vocads by taking our interactive demo.

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