Voice Marketing

Our Voice Marketing™ Offer

Where all publishers most frequently serve standard audio or video pre-formatted advertisements in a disruptive way, Vocads is moving out from this traditional ad format to provide a new creative and playful advertising solution.

Vocads recognizes the value of a dialogue and is engaging a two-way dialogue to understand what consumers really need in a very natural and fun way, just like you would share a recommendation with your friend or family member in a random conversation.

Promote your service or product in a form of contextual targeting. This intelligent process matches relevant advertisement to the content of the conversation based on sentiment analysis.

No more auto-played neither annoying advertisement nor brand monologue.

Customized conversational flow

Engage a real dialogue with your audience to activate brand awareness, understand their needs and level of satisfaction with your brand.

Campaign Optimization

While the campaign is still running, tweak and adjust your marketing campaign strategy to maximize performances before it is too late.

In-depth data analysis

Have access to real-time reports based on accurate first-party data and sentiment analysis collected during the conversational flow.

Our platform

Conversation flow creation

Through our Platform, design your personalized interactive conversation flow. Our design team will assist you toward modelling and customizing both your discussion and natural sounding flow to reach a seamless experience.

Performance-focused Optimization

With every new conversation comes a chance to improve in real time your marketing goals. To help you achieve superior performances, you will have access valuable reports to measure and take actions to optimize in real time ongoing trends and outcomes.

Track customer level of satisfaction

For an even more global customer relationship, build your personalized satisfaction survey on our Platform to track the level of satisfaction and intent to recommend.

Choose our 360° solution to reach your customer at every key touchpoint in the buying cycle.
Vocads will help you find an ultimate balance from brand establishment and purchase to customer satisfaction !

On the road to the future of voice marketing?

With its intelligent voice surveys and ads, Vocads lays the foundation for tomorrow’s vocal marketing!

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