Vocads for your collaborators

Discover what Vocads can do for your business and collaborations!

Help your collaborators vocally


Empower your collaborators to query any information from your databases using natural language and get natural answers back from the AI!


Integrate surveys in a natural personalized discussion to get your collaborators’ feedback in the smoothest way possible!

Find anything easily by voice search

Help your collaborators find any information with our voice search. No more ctrl+F on a document or tedious querying, searching is now natural and easy: just ask UNI!

Deliver a modern and unique survey experience

Let your collaborators express their opinion naturally through conversational surveys. Analyse your true collaborator feelings to grow in a sustainable way.

Educate and evaluate efficiently with voice

Tailor your collaborators’ e-learning experience to their individual needs. Let them browse learning resources and take tests through natural conversations for the best oral e-learning experience!

Offer an impressive onboarding experience

Make your tools friendly and easy to understand by designing voice onboarding for your collaborators!

Each element is powerful on its own, but the real magic happens when they are brought together to generate rich, engaging and natural conversations with your users.

Are you ready for the future of user experience?

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