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Voice AI is taking over the world and why you should care

With the rise of voice-activated devices in the market, we are now beginning to experience seamless connectivity at its best. Today, listening to the news, asking for weather forecast and much more can be done through a simple voice command. Yet with more voice technology entering our lives, there is a new opportunity to apply this technology to marketing. Brands need now to think about shifting their way of communicating their message. 

No longer can brands only lean on visual advertising. Instead of seeing your message, consumers will now be hearing it.


billion $

V-Commerce: $ 40 Billion

It is estimated that the voice market will reach $ 40 billion in 2022.
(Source: Hub Institute)

To gain market share, launch vocal advertising campaigns via the Vocads platform !

Voice: 4th sales channel

The voice becomes the 4th sales channel, just after the mobile.
(Source: Hub Institute)

Vocal advertising has therefore become the new essential channel to increase your advertising revenue!

Market of personal assistants

21% of U.S. 18+ own a smart speaker – which represents around 53 million people* (+78% in one year). 69% of smart speakers owners use the device daily
[Source : The Smart Audio Report, NPR & Edison Research, Spring 2019]

Whether it’s mobile, automotive or home automation, the growth of devices with an AI can dramatically increase targeted advertising, and therefore increase brands advertising revenue.

Sectors using voice assistants

Type of engagement with voice assistants

Question: ‘You said earlier that you have made a purchase by speaking to your voice assistant. What have you bought ?’ 50% of the surveyed respondents have made a purchase using their voice assistant. An additional 25% would consider doing so in the future. 

Source : PwC Consumer Intelligence Series Voice Assistants Survey, 2018

Advertising by voice can be applicable to many sectors!

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