Our Team

To create an ambitious tool, you need a team full of ambitious people! And that’s what Vocads is about! 15 ambitious and passionate people with different skill sets which all have the same goal: Recreate the most natural voice conversations possible with an AI! Our AI and software engineers, our marketers, designers, voice experts and top advisers are working together everyday to improve the development of Vocads.

The birth of Vocads is the result of this productive collaboration, driven by the desire to innovate and change not only the user experience but the way you provide it! You might wonder how? (at least you should). With a no code platform to design voice conversation with a UX friendly drag and drop. Simple right? You can build smart campaigns fast. Just like our team created Vocads!

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About UNI

UNI stands for “Understand Natural Interaction”. She is our mascot here at Vocads. We all pay particular attention to her and make sure she is completely satisfied at every moment. She is the one that will make the conversation with you to improve your user experience.

Don’t worry, she is very nice and I am sure you will get along with her. Don’t be rude to her or she will give you a hard time. But no worries she forgives quickly (you just need to reload the page).

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Our Mission

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