Who we are?

Our team

Vocads is above all the result of 15 passionate people, including top advisors, specialized in marketing and digital advertising, voice technologies and machine learning. By focusing on the very essence of communication, which is speaking, our experts have pooled their skills to design a solution that is both simple and revolutionary.
The birth of Vocads is the result of this productive collaboration, driven by the desire to innovate and change the game in marketing and advertising. Vocads is a solution that allows you to create voice campaigns with a conversion rate that is unbeatable because they are part of a “natural” dialogue!

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Our mission

Based on an AI Voice Technology that feels more natural and ‘human’, Vocads is committed to making marketing and advertising more subtle and less intrusive for the consumer. Pushing an ad into a dialogue means respecting the user experience and creating a true bond between the consumer and the brand for an optimal customer relationship.
Changing the game of marketing and advertising through a revolutionary concept is the founding principle of our approach. Vocads innovates by offering advertising campaigns by voice in a "natural discussion".
Thanks to both our intelligent technology and innovative concept, Vocads goal is to have a strong impact on the marketing and digital advertising industry, but also significantly increase revenue both for brands and agencies.
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On the road to the future of voice marketing and advertising?

With its intelligent voice surveys and ads, Vocads lays the foundation for tomorrow’s vocal marketing!
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