User experience reinvented by voice

Why type or click when you could just simply talk? Vocads enable you to create a natural and continuous voice conversation experience similar to what you would have with your customers in person!

Vocads, the solution to democratized access to voice technology!

Vocads Search

Just like in a physical store, allow your customers to search for any product on your website using their voice!

With the help of our multicriteria voice search technology, your customers can search for anything by just talking to our AI – UNI!

Vocads Survey

Provide customers a new and faster way to fill surveys. How? With their voice of course!

Vocads Survey helps customers fill in any reviews or customer feedback surveys with just their voice!

Unleash the power of voice data

Direct data

Get insightful information right out of customers’ mouth as they talk to you directly, as in a store!

Data sovereignity

Our proprietary AI allows brands to have full control over their data and data is protected under GDPR!

Enriched insights

Collect more than just words and information. Collect feelings and emotion!

Easily design with our plug play
no-code platform


An all in one solution!

Providing next level user experience for your customers

Real life experience

With voice in place, forget about typing and clicking! Engage in a natural conversation as with a friend!

Fully personalized

Treat your customers like kings by offering them a fully personalized experience!

Inclusive to all

Provide an inclusive and hands free experience to your customers!

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