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How does it work?

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Create a vocal campaign from VOCADS platform
The first step is to create the conversational content that will be displayed on the e-commerce site.
Broadcast this campaign on the product page or the shopping cart page of an e-commerce site
Then, this voice-based campaign is broadcast on the product page or the shopping cart page of this e-commerce site. A customer looks at a pair of shoes, for example. If our technology detects an interest, a microphone will appear at the bottom of the screen. By pressing this microphone, the customer will trigger a conversation with our voice AI on this product. The AI will offer her for instance a 10% discount in exchange for answering 4 quick questions.
Redirect towards a complementary product
Before ending the conversation, the AI can even offer her another complementary product, such as the dress associated with these shoes, as would naturally be suggested by a salesperson in a store.
Analyse campaign reporting in real time, on VOCADS platform
Real-time reporting, on vocads platform, helps analyze customer satisfaction of a brand products, purchase conversion, and ROI of those voice campaigns.

Who is Vocads for?

E - Commerce



Customers Relationship

Why brands will love Vocads?

Better customer's interaction
People naturally advertise during a conversation, for example citing a brand or giving their feedback on a product. The voice channel therefore allows reproducing this cognitive pattern of natural language and thus improve customers' interaction with their brand.
High customer's engagement
We also have an increase in customers' engagement, as they become an actor within the advertising process rather than a passive receiver of advertising.
Greater purchase conversions​, ROI and customer feedback
In addition, our solution is based on a gamification system. The customer always wins something - a discount, a gift, free shipping - in exchange for giving their feedback. It will only take a few seconds unlike traditional written questionnaires. This gamification system therefore allows to increase the purchase conversions and ROI, while simultaneously collecting customers' feedback.
Deeper understanding of consumer's needs
Finally, this data analysed in real time, enables a deeper understanding of consumers' needs in order to naturally broadcast hyper-targeted advertising. This all-in-one voice marketing and advertising solution is unique today.
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