The first voice marketing platform

Broadcast vocal surveys and ads in conversations between clients and their voice assistants

Speech is the fundamental mean of human communication.

The Vocads Solution

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Artificial intelligence

  • Voice Conversational Agent

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Who is Vocads for?

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Customer relationship

Where brands simply display their traditional advertising on any media platform, Vocads is giving birth to the concept of Voice Conversational Advertising™.

Pushing further the boundaries of Conversational AI

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    Our technology still provides frictionless and natural exchange sequences between an individual and a smart assistant. In fact, not only our AI understands natural human language but this latter also responds to consumers, in their own unique language, in real-time.​
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    While engaging a conversation with your consumers, our technology leverages accurate first-party data through sentiment and semantic analysis. Every spoken word and blank moments matter. Our Conversation AI is designed to understand every key turn of a conversation to spotlight what consumers really want throughout their journey.
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    To launch in real time the right recommendation that meets the right consumer need, our team has developed advanced product and audience classification features. In doing so, this enables our technology to crawl through the entire catalog and highlight the most significant item or service that matches the best each consumer need.

Why brands will love Vocads ?​

Richer audience insights

Every conversation is a chance to collect and gain valuable audience data to meet their needs.

Better user experience

A two-way conversation that’s fun, friendly, easy and real. No more disruptive ad.

Higher engagement

Conversational AI that’s making a real effort to assist consumers gives complete satisfaction and make them love your brand.

Greater sales conversion

No more unwanted ads. When you hit the right need, you make consumers buy more.

Laureate in the competition

On the road to the future of voice marketing?

With its intelligent voice surveys and ads, Vocads lays the foundation for tomorrow’s vocal marketing!

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